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Looking for a great fudge fundraiser in Texarkana? Look no further!
Our fudge fundraisers are perfect for schools, churches, social organizations, youth groups, charitable organizations, etc.
Are you looking to earn money for your next school trip, playground, mission trip, church event, class project, etc? We offer fundraising opportunities to help you meet your goal! Schedule a fudge fundraiser with Taste and See today!
Everyone loves great tasting home style fudge, and we make it fresh when your order is placed.
Your responsibilities are to:
  • Collect the orders and money upfront.
  • Send us your group order with the provided % of the total sales.
  • Distribute the fudge once you receive it.

Our responsibilities are to:

  • Provide you with sales forms and information about the fundraiser
  • Fulfill your order within 2 weeks of receipt of your order and payment

If you have any questions about our fundraising program please give us a call at our Texarkana store at 903-792-1468 or reach out to us by email at tasteandseecandies@gmail.com

Here is an example of which fudges are available with our fundraiser (they are our best sellers in our store).


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