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Ever wanted to be able to just order something online and pick it up in a store? There are already a lot of places that you are able to do so, and Taste and See is no different. Whether you're looking for a cup of joe, a dozen chocolate dipped strawberries, or just needing to run in to pick up a pint of our salted caramel gelato it is as easy as a few clicks. Just go to our "in store pickup" page and you will be transported to the list of items available. We hope you all enjoy this new feature of our site!


Thanks for stopping by!

- Brock

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Hey everybody! Thank you for stopping by and reading this. We are currently in the middle of a HUGE update to our website. This is why some of our items have gone missing (don't worry they will be back) and new items have not been added for some time. Something we are very excited about is that we will have tons more items available to ship directly to your door way before the holidays. This will include new gift boxes, more toffee, and even our line of coffee beans. After we have those items added we will also be adding more chocolate items to the list. We are also excited about the option of in store pickup that will be available to you through a link on our site. So bear with us as we continue to make updates and finally have the option for everyone to experience how awesome our chocolates are!


Thanks again,



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