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How does gelato compare?

How does your gelato compare to American ice cream? What about frozen yogurt? "I saw in a movie where it has more sugar in it than ice cream." These are things I get asked or hear on almost a daily basis. So lets set the record straight. Not ALL gelato is created equal. Our gelato is made in a traditional way, but with a more health conscious twist. I mean why can't you have something that tastes good, and is better for you than other things? That is what I am going to tell you about today. In fact, I am going to give you three examples of our most popular gelato vs American ice cream vs frozen yogurt. So let me show you how it does compare by focusing on calories, fat, and sugar. Here is an example of a small (4oz) cup:


 Gelato Calories Fat Sugar Carbs
Sweet Cream 142 4g 18g 23
Chocolate 171 6g 21g 28
Salted Caramel 165 4g 24g 29


 American Ice Cream Calories Fat Sugar Carbs
Sweet Cream 330 20g 29g 33
Chocolate 340 20g 29g 32
Salted Caramel 330 18g 35g 42


 Frozen Yogurt Calories Fat Sugar Carbs
Vanilla 160 4g 24g 28
Chocolate 160 4g 24g 28
Salted Caramel 180 4g 24g 28


So there you have it. Our gelato has the same amount of fat as frozen yogurt and a whopping 16g LESS than its American style counterpart. I love a great cup of gelato, and now I don't even have to feel guilty! Have a great day everyone! And remember, no matter the reason, it's always a good day for a cup of gelato!


- Brock

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